Can Electronic Devices Solve Stammering?

There is absolutely no perfect stammering cure that provides hundred percent results. Stammerers use various available methods and these are highly helpful to solve stammering. For many stammerers, electronics show improvements and can be used along with other therapy. A stammerer can use these devices after assessing its use and requirement, by a speech therapist. Some common ones used for presentation disorder include: emp jammer

Single element devices which appear like experiencing aids.
Multiple component devices like a box like device with or without wires.
AAF Telephone systems. 
The product either delay or customize sound of a stammerer that can create an echo or play some noise to lower stammering. Several stammerers can speak fluently when reading or speaking in unison with someone else. They imitate this effect in two ways by making use of a headset. The permanent effectiveness of electronic digital devices are in issue, however about sixty percent of the stammerers find the electronic devices helpful for stammering.
Do Electric Devices Help Solve Stammerering?

Stammering disorder varies from person to person and so the effectiveness of the devices also may differ widely among stammerers. In addition, testing the device in several situations help to rate the achievements of the electronic device to solve stammering. These devices are not a total cure for stammering but usually act as an alternate method along with some other tool or therapy. Before thinking about using one, a stammerer must consider some things:

Will it be comfortable to carry?
Can it be used in loud environment?
Will it be user friendly in many fearful situations?
The cons
Most of these devices are costly. The common man with less income can not invest a lot money for the equipments.
Electronic devices need to test before actual use.
The use of such devices may be damaging to the ear and brain.
The use of electronic devices look a person ” cable ” at all the time