Chopped Fiberglass Roofing Contractors – What You Need To Know

Together with the development of new solutions to provide the customers better quality roofs, one roofing innovation stands apart – chopped fiberglass roofing.

What is Chopped Fiberglass Roof?

The Chopped Fiberglass roof top system uses clay-based high-grade mollified (emulsion) asphalt. Producers use the same process in building fiberglass motorboats, tubs, motor homes. Fiber glass roving (fiberglass rope) is fed into an air-driven chopping motor that grinds the glass into an incredible number of 1/2 ” strands with precision. The chopping weapon then blows those a glass strands into a supporter pattern using 4 air jets, where it is precisely blended, mid-air, with 2 converging fan habits of clay asphalt emulsion. 

Although this type of roofing system has recently been around in the market for a number of years already, its acceptance has never waned. That continues to be a favorite by the homeowners, developers and business owners. Why? Because of the numerous advantages.

What are the advantages?

1 ) It has more tensile strength or capability of being stretched than material.
2. It is more rust proof than steel roofs.
3. It is harder to dent than metal roofs.
4. This is more resistant to bad weather conditions such as hailstorms.
5. Once combined with emulsion by using a special technique, it tones up the membrane and evens the interest rate of expansion and contraction over the complete roof structure.
6. It is also one of the most heat and fire resilient roofing materials in the market.
7. It can be affordable.
8. It has permanent warrantee (12 years standard, upgradable to 20 years)
9. It has faster installation process

How do you install it?

Putting in fiberglass roofs can be a specialty area, so it is important that it be installed appropriately to get the best performance and the longest life span for the roofing.

What to look for when choosing a cut fiberglass roofing contractor?

one particular. Experience is critical with this type of roofing materials.
installment payments on your Expertise in the unit installation of fiberglass roofing materials should also be regarded as
3. References of work carried out with this particular kind of roofing material should also be asked.