Customer Experience – 5 Things My Dog Taught Me About Customer Service Levels

Once i always thought that I was teaching my dog, Duke, while i was training him, as it happens that I’ve learned quite somewhat from him as well. Customer Service Levels

Have a ball! Play fetch or pull of war with a rope- Play is a great way to stimulate and energize the atmosphere in any setting. Switch things up and put some fun into the company. “Running the Business” can be stressful. Staff that enjoy their office are much more likely to enjoy their jobs, take ownership with their obligations, and strengthen customer associations. Be sure to include awesome in your day-to-day world at your workplace. Have a team building event, ask a massage therapist to provide 10 minute neck and shoulder massages during a break, have a tail gate party before the big game in the car parking lot during lunch, have a wacky hat day, whatever. Just have amazing! 

Training can sometimes take a short time – While we want instant results, we need to remember to show patience. When we sometimes expect people to pick up on trainings immediately, keep in mind that you probably shown a lot of information that needs to be integrated. If someone hasn’t already been in the mentality of customer focus recently, it is a process that may take simply a very little time. My trick? Start at the start of the customer face – with the hello there. Model and train the preferred greeting of buyers into your world. When that is mastered, move on to the “middle” or the interaction itself. As long as you are moving forward, it can all good.

A treat or pat on the head is AWESOME! Persons, as well as pups, want to be recognized permanently behavior. When you notice someone going out of their way to help a customer, solve problems, use fantastic questions to better understand the needs of a customer, make certain to recognize them for this. Whether it be a surprise coffee card or a heartfelt ” We really liked the way you linked with that client and asked the probing questions, ” the acknowledgement is always liked. Remember, the behavior that is rewarded is the behavior that is repeated. This will also pour over to the slumber of your staff. When ever they see and listen to someone displaying the right actions and stay rewarded, they in turn follows.

Reduce the chewed shoes – We all make faults. Our teams usually have good intentions. If you haven’t trained for the desired behavior, you really can’t hold natural norms of behavior against someone. If they truly thought they were acting ideal at the time, you must understand and acknowledge the good intentions, then redirect to what must be done next time. It can be painful if the “shoes” were expensive, but consider it a training opportunity. Identify what gone wrong without blaming, learn from it, and then move on. In the event the problems continually persist, more helpful training may be worthy of looking into.

Consistency is key – With regards to the customer service levels your business displays, consistency is essential. Consumers expect consistency in the service and attitudes they receive from you. They need great service each and every time. They count on that. They get confused when we treat them really well some of time, then rarely even acknowledge their lifestyle other times. Inconsistent service levels have a remarkable negative impact on customer loyalty. It puts uncertainty in the customer’s brain and they are incredibly likely to will leave your site and go to find your competitor that delivers solid service every time.