Excessive Force Utilized Against Juvenile Offenders in the New York State Juvenile Prison System

The juvenile prisons in Fresh York’s system are greatly in need of revamping. The teenagers who are located during these prisons are majority-wise experiencing addictive problems and mental illnesses. A lot of children are violent offenders and are within a system which offers little hope. The bare criteria of therapy are available for the youth within the juvenile state system. Children have reported physical abuse and excessive pressure utilized by employees and insufficient educational opportunities. StarUp CIC

Kids in the juvenile system stem from truancy charges to violent offenders who are housed together with no segregated system. Relatives court judges are advised to incarcerate violent offenders into the juvenile penitentiary, but this is often disregarded by Family Judge judges. 

State agencies that oversee these juvenile prisons have continually asked the state’s Family court idol judges to exclude children who are significant risks to themselves, and public basic safety. The latest system the express with juvenile defenders has failed the children totally. Numerous children are placed in to the juvenile prison system that literally does not deserve to be there. It has been through a task force prepared by Governor David A. Paterson that after checking out the juvenile prison system that excessive force is utilized resistant to the children on a daily basis. Information of broken bone accidental injuries and broken teeth have been uncovered through the investigation.

This situation of the prison system has proved so disastrous that the Doj has confronted to take in the young , small prison system. The examination shows excessive force has been demonstrated in a single prison, the overall process for juvenile offenders is performing satisfactory.

Since a result, the exploration into prisons in point out, prisons for violent and dangerous offenders are being requested as well as the juvenile offenders of minor crimes is moved to smaller juvenile centers. The report is also recommending that the children be located in centers that are geographically near the children’s families.

Does this prison system work? This kind of is a legitimate question and one which justifies follow-up by not only the high-ranking politicians within the state but also the juvenile prison system as a whole. Kids need guidance not beatings. Children need protection within a system which has proved that excessive push is as common as the sun rising on a daily basis.

Teen defenders need guidance and resources not broken bone and shattered teeth. This can be the specific behavior which arrived these children into a method that plainly does not care info. Revamp the juvenile prison system and give children the opportunity in life as compared to shattering not only their bones and teeth but hope the particular children can be saved.