Ghosts of Harper’s Ferry, Ghosts of Antietam

On the vacation trip last yr, we made our way to the colonial town of Harper’s Ferry. Set up in 1763 by Robert Harper, the port town of Harper’s Ferry, Western world Virginia, is located where the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers meet. From a certain vantage point, you can see three claims at the same time; Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Harper’s is an area packed with history, most notably for John Dark brown; the revolutionary abolitionist that wanted to end captivity – and if it meant starting his own war, then so be it. Brown led an unsuccessful raid at Harper’s Ferry in 1859, and men died in the area. Brown was later hung for treason. They will say John Brown’s cat can be seen at Harper’s; smiling. Happy, My spouse and i guess, that slavery finally ended. spirit orbs photos

The other great historical significance of the area is that two battles of the Municipal War were fought there, the Battle of Harper’s Ferry and the Fight of Antietam. While the battle of Harper’s Ferry was relatively small, the battle of Antietam which is merely a few mls north of Harper’s, was the single bloodiest day of fighting in American history. 23, 000 men lost their lives. 

Since we made our way to Harper’s, we received lost. Driving down a long winding road away from the key roads, we knew we were lost and badly wanted to get to our campground, encampment, base camp before dark. We seemed to our left aspect and saw that we were taking a look at the battle field of Antietam. We really didn’t wish to be lost in the dark near this place! We had not made plans to visit the battlefields, our main destination was Harper’s. Even though it was obviously a bright, hot and sun-drenched day, the air was thick with an unusual, eerie mood. As we drove, trying to find our way to the proper road, we tried out to take pictures of our whirlwind tour. I actually was shocked when we drove with a batiment for the 1st Power supply Light Artillery unit from Ohio. We are from Ohio and had remaining there some 10 several hours earlier.

Almost all of the homes in the area were standing up during the battle. We all felt like we got traveled back in the history.

We finally found our campsite, set-up and got to rest. That night, as we rested, I had fashioned a dream of a man walking up the steep, endless pile, straight to our covering. A soldier? A cat? He seemed like a man bent on doing us harm.

The very next day we made our way to the town of Harper’s Ferry which was another time travel experience. A wonderful little port town nestled in the mountain range. A place Thomas Jefferson once visited. You feel like Jefferson around these old buildings.

We made an end at Storer College, main Black Schools in the US, where in 1881, Fredrick Douglas gave his speech about John Brown. Just around the corner is the fire house, later known as the John Brown Fortification. This is where Dark brown barricaded himself during the fighting.

That night at the campfire we opened up a book of City War Ghost stories and read aloud the local lore of your ghost close to Harper’s Ferry.

Then, as the fire burned, we heard something close to the campsite, far below, down the side of the endless hill. We used my flashlight and kept shining it at the direction of the sound, seeking to see an animal. We felt anxious, like we were being watched. Taking out the camera, we snapped display bulb pictures into the blackness to see if anything would show up. What we got were pictures of orbs; those much debated balls of light that might or may not be ghosts.

We talked about the orbs in the pictures so that as we do, I commenced to drawing. We both mentioned an impression, an image that came to the heads, what we felt might be around us. We sketched what I found.

Was it John Dark brown or one of his fellow black fighters? A former slave that was now a revolutionary solider? Was this a Municipal War solider? The cat of a woman? This kind of could just a figment of my imagination, but it really just emerged to me. I usually don’t have such vibrant visions. Whatever the circumstance, That stuff seriously this area was one of the very most haunted places I have have you been in. I would wish to have a summer season home in Harper’s Ferry, but for miles and miles, where the battlefields lie, there is a pervading sense of sight on you, of the anguish of young lives cut short, never allowed to reach old era. The pain of the past feels very real and it will oftimes be a long time before it fades.