How to Add the Facebook Fan Box With a Joomla Website

Facebook . com is now so popular; most individuals have their own Facebook account. And when you visit many Joomla websites, you can see facebook fan package where they invite you to follow them in Facebook. You also can easily see how many people loved them. Do you wish to add lover box on your website? Just follow our recommendations, and you will integrate the Facebook . com module not only on Joomla 1. 5! but also on 1 ) 7!. acheter fans facebook

There are 2 parts:

Part 1 is for folks who only have a Facebook account; you need to create your own fan page.
Portion 2 is for folks who currently have a fan site. You can commence to assimilate the Facebook module right now.
Create a Facebook . com page 

First you must have a Facebook enthusiast page. If you no longer have one, just get access your account and Make a page.
When you click on the link, you will see 6 different sorts of page that you can choose. To get example, if you’re an organization, so just choose “company”.
Choose a category appropriate for your small business and write the company name. Mouse click to the box “I accept Facebook Pages terms” and click to “Get Started” Stick to the three steps on the screen to give your site more details.
Click “Continue” after you finish the step or “Skip” to ignore this step and jump to the next step. You are able to edit all of the information later. The basic information will not look when you integrate facebook . com module.
After you end all the steps, you will see your Facebook . com fan box appear on the screen. So now you will integrate the Facebook module relating to this supporter page on your website.
To integrate the Fb module on a Joomla cms! website

For Joomla! one particular. 5

Consider the fourth activity in the get started out page: Promote this Facebook or myspace Page on your website. Click “Add like box”.
You can go to the settings to combine the Facebook module Put your fan page’s WEB ADDRESS and choose the type that you want the plug to look on your website. You will see the preview of Facebook fan box alongside the settings.
Continue to choose what part of Facebook fan box you want to appear in the plug-in. You can control the header, the stream and all people who like your webpage. When you integrate facebook . com module into your website, you really should hide the header.
Click “Get code” to finish. You will find a window on the screen to screen the code. Opt for the iFrame tab and copy the code. That’s the code to integrate the Facebook or myspace module, and if you need change the settings; you can directly edit the code.
Open your website, sign in as the administrator. Get to the Global construction to show off the TinyMCE. The TinyMCE strips away your code, the code can’t appear effectively so you can’t integrate facebook . com module.
The next step is: go to the Extensions / Module Director and create new. Select Custom HTML to put your Facebook code in. Insert it and choose the position you want for the Facebook module on your website. Paste the code that you replicated from Facebook in the custom output. You can customize parameters if you want.
Check the Facebook or myspace fan box in your website
For Joomla! one particular ) 7

Because the Joomla! 1 ) several stripped out the code so you can’t add code as you do in Joomla! 1. 5. You must find an extension to show the fan-box in your website. There are some great extensions you can aquire such as JFB Connect, Facebook Lover box… You could get a free one understand what need to change too much of the appearance of Facebook fan box. In this case I used Face Fan Box or Like Box to incorporate facebook module.

You set up this extension in your website and use Component Manager to fix it. You paste the LINK of your facebook webpage and configure the options you want in the standard Options.
See the Facebook . com fan box on your website.