Is Your Vehicle Compatible With Paintless Dent Repair-Removal?

You might have perhaps heard by now that paintless dent repair/removal is a low-cost alternative to the pricier auto body workshops out there. Yet the big question on your mind is whether or not your vehicle is compatible with these dent removal methods. Under you will find a checklist that will ensure whether or not your vehicle is a potential customer for PDR. Dent Repair San Diego

Size And Status Of Dent

To get started with, grab a tape measure and, if possible, a digital camera. Examine the dent(s) on your vehicle and first inspect them for pain damage and/or cracking. In the event that the paint has recently been broken, paintless dent repair/removal is not going to be employed by your vehicle. 

On the other hand, if the paint is intact, take your video tape measure to see how large the dented area(s) are. If bigger than a foot long, it might not exactly be a good prospect for PDR as well. *NOTE* If you have the camera, take pictures of the broken area(s) and e-mail them to the technician through the companies website. With the size information they can associated with call for you whether or not they could possibly help you out.

Age And Current condition of The Vehicle

If the vehicle much more than 15 to 20 years old, the auto might not exactly be a good fit for paintless damage repair/removal. The reason for this is that as time passes the paint can get brittle from baking under the sun, and may flake off during the PDR process.

However, if the automobile is new and in very good condition, as long as the reduction is not in an area that had a previous repair by an auto body shop, your automobile may be compatible with paintless dent repair/removal.

Area Of Dent(s)

Although paintless dent repair/removal is a powerful way of making dents disappear, this does indeed not mean the drop technician can remove every dent imaginable. As described before, if the reduction is located over a past auto body repair, making an attempt PDR could have devastating results. If the reduction is actually near the edge of the snowboard, almost all of the time this too would disqualify your car for repairs.

On unusual instances where a damage is situated over a swagger or in a hard-to-access location, the dent tech performing the paintless reduction repair/removal may be able to remove the damage almost all of the way, bettering the feel of the vehicle immensely – nevertheless the dent might not exactly be properly smooth and fully-removed. On the other hand this only occurs in very unlikely instances.

Paintless Dent Repair/Removal: Is This Right For You?

Because you can see, given that your car, truck or sports vehicle is not over the age of 15 years, the paint has not become cracked or damaged, and the dents are not too large nor positioned in a bad area, a paintless dent repair/removal tech must be able to assist you in restoring the look and luster of your vehicle.

Remember, if at all possible, take pictures of the dents, take measurements, and e-mail this information to the dent repair company so they may help examine the damage. If this is impossible, call the company to set up a moment you can take you vehicle to them for inspection, or ask if they are a mobile reduction technician who could come out to you.