Microsoft Office 2010 – The Best New Features in Excel

Stand out is arguably the most under-utilized Microsoft Office product as it pertains to advanced features. Ask people what features they most like in Excel and in addition they usually explain the spreadsheet and graphing tools. But that is merely a very small part of the functions built into Excel. From tools for statistical, engineering and financial functions, to turns tables, to Visual Standard for Applications (VBA) development, you are able to use Excel for simple to complex data analysis and display with easy to read charts and charts. Softwarelicense4u

If you haven’t used the advanced tools in Excel, start by trying the media to get the most from your software investment. Analyze your data to find out patterns or trends, then display with graphs and charts that illuminate the best course of action. With a little practice, you will improve your ability to study large data sets and make the most informed decisions. 

Make fast, effective evaluations

Sparklines – Use sparklines to graphically display data in a single cellular. You can display data in line, column or win/loss format to spotlight trends. On the Put in tab, choose the sort of Sparkline and your data range. Customize your sparklines for optimum effect by choosing for the sparkline and finding the Design tab.

Slicer – Slicers are selection components that allow you to slice-and-dice your data without needing to open drop down lists. Slicers make it much easier to segment and filtering data in PivotTables for high powered business brains (bi).

Step up your analysis

Search Filter – Use the new Search Filter to quickly filter your search in desks, PivotTable, and PivotChart views. You can instantly form through several or more items.

PowerPivot (formerly called Project “Gemini”) Add-In – Groundbreaking technology which allows you streamlined integration of information from multiple sources and lightning-fast manipulation of large data sets with up to millions of lanes. Effortlessly publish and talk about analysis through Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and still have other users enjoy the same Slicer and fast-query capacities when working on their Excel Services report.

Backstage – The Microsoft Business office Backstage view replaces the traditional file menu with an ergonomic approach that uses In and Away features for efficiency. The improved Ribbon lets you access your chosen commands quickly and create custom navigation bars to personalize the way you work.

Jazz up your details presentations

Conditional Format – Excel 2010 gives sophistication to conditional format. Give you a document a professional look with the addition of eye-catching types. You have more options and control over styles and icons, improved data bars, and the capability to highlight specific items in a few clicks. You can also screen data bars for negative values and use color for effect.

Work from anywhere

Online – Content your spreadsheets online and work on them from nearly anywhere from the Web or your Glass windows Mobile-based Smartphone. With Exceed 2010, you can create good thing about a best-in-class spreadsheet experience across multiple locations and devices.