Scratch Card Superstitions

Superstitions Regarding Scratch Cards and Lottery Tickets

An Review

A scratch card is basically a tiny card where you have to scrape off an opaque part of the card under which you can find out if you have won a prize or not. Computer made lotteries were initiated in the mid 1970s, and so they have been popular since. Seeing that such cards are usually very cheap and you could instantly determine if you have earned the prize or not, it is no delight that scratch cards are extremely popular amidst the general population. Add to this the excitement and anticipation that a person activities when scratching a scratch car, it is not a wonder that there are many loyalists who purchase the same game every week in hopes of being capable of win the jackpot. The higher the expense of the scratch card, the increased the prizes available, with some prizes going up to millions of us dollars. espositori gratta e vinci

As the demand for scratch cards increased, so did the theories and superstitions surrounding it. A large number of individuals have come up with various superstitions that they believe increase their odds of winning big and help to avoid losing. Even though these beliefs and strategies are not operating out of reality, many people endorse them.

Approaches of Winners? 

Various strategies have evolved in the relatively simple act of scratching a card and discovering whether you have won anything. However, many of these are actually helpful. Firstly, a player should consider heading for cards that give a greater chance of earning, as it obviously enhances the odds of you being successful something. When a person selects a card, this individual should be well aware of all the video games available in order to select the appropriate game that provides the best odds.

Meanwhile, other damage card winnings are paid out over the long time frame which is frequently a good thing if a player opts for it anticipated to it guaranteeing you money on the long period of time. This is also a good suggestion as it prevents people from coming of their entire profits within a short period of your time.

Scratch Card Superstitions

As prone to happen with any game of chance, people create their own beliefs which they think boost their chances of winning, as it is against human thinking to accept that you have things beyond our control. A lot of of the more popular superstitions include purchasing a scratch card from a specific place, which may very well be a place where a winning ticket was sold, while others simply buy it from stores or gas stations near them. Even though it does not raise the odds, it has been reported that a store that sold a previous winning ticket observed its sales increase almost immediately.

As players are prone to do while selecting a gamble in different roulette games, they use lucky quantities while selecting the amounts. These numbers can be the date of special events such as a wedding anniversary or a birthday, or it could possibly be made up of numbers that a person simply thinks are lucky to him. When some individuals stick to the exact same numbers for each and every ticket, some use different lucky numbers for each and every cards. There are even people who pick the exact quantity of tickets because their blessed number. Even though there are variations in the utilization of numbers by those, the theory of using lucky numbers has remained steady throughout the years.

Can Dreams Come Accurate?

People often lay great value in dreams. A person gets in a car accident, and this individual abstains from driving for at least that day, as he is scared that the dream may come true and the same will happen in real life. There may be of course no logical rationale in this, nevertheless the decision is actually based on feelings. In the same manner, people often desire the places from which they purchased the lottery seats. And even though this dream is without affect on the chances of the same numbers winning in real life, people often are likely to follow their dreams in such instances, and select the same quantities they dreamt about. Of course, if a person does win after pursuing their dream, they are definitely going to credit their dream for assisting them achieve what really had nothing to do with the dream at all.

Other Superstitions

Various other superstitious people, meanwhile, bring lucky charms such as a rabbit’s foot as well as four foliage clovers in order to boost their chances of winning, even though they never mathematically raise the personal chances of winning. Many people prefer homemade trinkets which may have often been passed down from generation to era and which they imagine contain best of luck.

For some people, there are specific actions that must be followed in order to have any chance at all of choosing the winning scratch card. Such as stepping in a gas store or supermarket using their left foot while ensuring the cashier, when providing the ticket, gives them the ticket with his right hand. People may even take it after themselves to set a sterling silver coin in their show when purchasing a scratch cards as they think it could conclude being beneficial. In the mean time, there are people who believe rubbing a balding man’s head will bring them luck and so, rub a bald mans head before getting a ticket while some wear a pin upside down prove shirt when buying a scratch card.


At the end of the day, every individual seems a lttle bit superstitious picking out a scratch card, though some show it more than others. While some might take their beliefs a step way too high, others will take minor steps that they believe will help improve their odds. Even though superstitions and so on beliefs have absolutely no impact on the outcome of the result, at a minimum, it gives people confidence and hope, two attributes significantly lacking nowadays.