The Personal Power of Beauty

Natural beauty is Infinite, Beauty is Health, Beauty is Fact, Beauty is Power

Specifically what is the Personal Power of Beauty? zetaclear gegen nagelpilz

Magnificence is the power of radiance, along with your personal beauty has the power to light up your world to a much more radiant and bountiful experience. There is abundance, joy, passion, sensuality and pleasure available in your beautiful life, and working with your personal power of beauty is a strategy for proclaiming even more. Your personal benefits of beauty is a treasure to see, a way to be bold and a powerful journey that you can unfold. Below the surface of your skin is the history of your beauty, and this is the tale that is meant to be told. 

The personal power of beauty is a magical tool that enhances all areas of your existence to an even more regal and magnificent experience. Natural beauty is the source of your own personal magic; it is the essence of who you are, it links you to others also to the plenty of this planet.

What is beauty? Where can it come from? Who has it?
At the time you think of beauty can it be something you know you have within you? Or perhaps does beauty seem to be like something elusive and outside the house of you?

All people are beautiful, and it is our essential mother nature to radiate this beautiful truth.

The Beauty is on the Inside

Years ago, I saw an ad that I adored for Burt’s Bee’s products. The photography was of a group of Harley-type riders, you know, heavy collection men, grimacing, hairy and searching kind of frightening. The caption on the ad said “The Natural beauty is on the Inside”. It couldn’t be better, under the packaging is where you will find true Beauty, it’s inside. This kind of ad cracked me up, just thinking about it still makes me laugh; the message was so clear, powerful and attractively stated. Beauty comes from within, it emanates through the skin and vibrates around us.

Each of us has our own personal beauty, it is the unique essence of who we are, like our signature or thumb print, it is entirely our own. Our personal beauty or inner beauty comes from the cardiovascular, our center of love. Our center of devotion is the essential pressure of our spirit, and the essential force of our spirits spring from the source coming from all life: Whether it be Our god, Goddess, Great Spirit, Strength, Vibration, the Creator, Character, the Divine or the Force it is all the same source. What ever you believe to be the divine spark of life within you; whatever you equal the magic of your existence; however you understand life using its complexities and perfections and which ever way you be the cause of the air that is your breath and the fire of your spirit all comes from the source of life, and the beauty within you is a part of the package. Each of our beauty is a bright light that sparks through each cell of our being. You truly can never be anything but beautiful, for you are life and life itself is beauty.

At the time you understand the source of beauty within you, you then have access to it is potential for your higher abundance, power and capacity to manifest change. The power of your beauty is already embedded in your essence, ready to glow. However, it is harnessed through your philosophy about yourself and the actions you take in the name of real truth, beauty and love. You are born with the tools to become a channel in this very powerful and influential vibration. You are the vehicle just for this sacred source to shimmer and shine.

Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all en know on Earth, and all ye need to find out. inches -John Keats.
We stay in a world where our concepts of beauty are decided by the group consciousness, the standards of our society. Many of us, especially women, are victims of what is known as the ‘beauty myth’. A new where fashion rules, perfect body types are most popular and our ways of looking and being are all designed to sell or ingest products: beauty products, perfumes, diet pills, hair color, fashion magazines, douches and so forth But that is not what true beauty is made of. The truth is our company is already whole and complete beings, we are all perfect because we could each properly ourselves. Precisely what is true is that beauty is everywhere and within everything. For everything on earth and the universe is of the divine source. Unfortunately, a lot of us were not taught to live up too our own beauty in this way. I was warned against being too conceited or told i was not beautiful enough and sadly so many beautiful people have never had their own treasured nature reflected back to them. We hide our beauty in the dark areas, even the super models complain about places within themselves that they find hideous. In subtle rather than so subtle ways we now have been disempowered and misdirected by the media to seeing ourselves as less than the right of beauty. Every commercial on television set is an assault, telling all of us what we should do to be better, happier and even more beautiful. This is the beauty myth and it can destroy our sense of self-esteem and even destroy the joy in our lives, it already has for so many people.