La Cage Aux Folles Costumes – A Drag (In a Fun Way)

“It’s rather gaudy, but recharging options rather grand” – which how La Cage Aux Folles is being explained, which isn’t hard to believe. This musical review, based on the publication by Harvey Fierstein, is back on Broadway which is a confirmed smash-hit. Receiving the 2010 Tony Merit for “Best Musical Revival” the showcase stars “Fraiser’s” Kelsey Grammer as club owner, Georges, and 2010 Tony Best Actor Success, Douglas Hodge, as his partner and moonlighting chansonnière. Grammarly Discount

The Albin character has quite a few great costumes being the included songbird in the San Tropez nightclub. Guys can go in drag like Albin wearing a Marilyn Monroe costume complete with platinum blonde wig that captures her look in the iconic street-grate-blowing-skirt-up movie, “The Seven Year Itch’. Or, a diva-esque outfit, glitzy charms and a feather boa captures another look for La Competition costumes as does a man-sized Dorothy costume from the “Wizard of Oz”. Despite his favor for flair and sparkly fashion, Albin is also shown wearing a straight-laced can certainly suit and sensible shoes for a meeting with the Georges’ parents. 

The Georges character is also flamboyant but is not as much into drag. One memorable men’s costume he has on in the show is a purple velvet tuxedo with huge black lapels and a frilly, beautiful shirt. Always willing to conquer it up showgirl style are the scantily clothed “Cagelles” that wear a variety of Vegas style dancer costumes and head-cover.

Must-haves for men putting on a La Cage outfit include fishnet stockings and extra-wide shorts with a moderate heel, to be able to not fall flat on your face. To create the curves of a female, simply wear a v?ldigt bra that is stuffed with stockings, poly-fill or “chicken cutlets”. The wig of your choice should be associated with heavy stage cosmetic to create a female face – don’t ignore to shave! Most likely, you’ve got to order one of the bigger women’s halloween costumes worn in “La Crate Aux Folles” and if necessary, have it improved to fit.