The Wrestlemania Main Event

Straddle 4-5 years ago, the biggest match on the Wrestlemania card used to be the WWE Shining or World Heavyweight Tournament match. However, it’s not anymore about that. Now really about who gets to challenge The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. wrestlemania 34 results

In the last few years, The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania skills is now something that’s appreciated highly by many expert wrestling fans. They just can’t stand the idea of someone finally breaking the ability. The mere thought of it scares them. 

Not really only that, but a very large portion of The Undertaker’s fan foundation is because of his undefeated streak.

Whenever Wrestlemania rolls in now, Vince McMahon is equally as concerned to locating The Undertaker a suitable adversary as he is to finding a good WWE Championship match. This yr, he even went as far to as Brock Lesnar to call and make an one time appearance at this year’s Wrestlemania to face the Deadman.

Many WWE wrestlers have explained that if they got to choose between a WWE Shining match, or a fight with the Phenom, they would opt to face him.

It’s pretty clear at this time point that whoever break’s The Undertaker’s streak (or if someone ever does), it’ll be someone having prepared to handle the major heel heat that quite possibly have afterwards and the fact that WWE has put so much count upon him.

There’s always a chance that the streak might never end and The Undertaker might retire with it as his legacy. Whichever way it goes, many people purchase Wrestlemania just to see Undertaker’s match.