Trends in Youth Marijuana Use

Cannabis itself is surrounded by myths, false information and misconceptions. Many feel that the drug is natural, safe and really should be legalized, while medication enforcement struggles to get widespread abuse under control nationwide. wholesale cbd isolate

We turn to the national Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Reduction, for projections and tendencies in substance abuse between today’s youth, with the hope a greater understanding will help us to prevent a worsening high incidence. 

Marijuana Remains Leading Well-known Drug

Marijuana continues to be the most commonly abused against the law drug between American youth, with about one in nine high school seniors admitting use of marijuana in the past month. More young adults today smoke marijuana than tobacco cigarettes. Although pan use declined between the 1990s and early 2000s, use of the medication is now seen to be on the surge with notable use surges between 10th graders over the past decade.

The 2012 MTF survey further projects that, as understanding of marijuana risk diminishes, use continues to climb up or maintain. Recent open public media attention to pot legalization debate and a general perception of pot as a “safe” and “natural” substance may be important factors in the issue of growing pot use.

The debate of whether or not cannabis is in fact a gateway drug is a problem ripe with plentiful thoughts. Dare. com defines a gateway drug as: inches… A drug that clears the way to the use of other, harder drugs. ” By hypotheses of dependency and physical tolerance, marijuana is a stepping stones to other substances and harder drugs once the body is now tolerant of marijuana’s results.

For many parents, the creation of synthetic marijuana is now a significant concern. This kind of new drug is made up of a dried, green mixture (made to look like marijuana) that has recently been treated with chemicals called synthetic cannabinoids. These chemicals are sprayed onto the herbal blend and communicate with the brain much like conventional marijuana. The high from synthetic pot is described as much more intense, unstable and addictive.

Other Substances of Concern


Underage drinking alcohol is one of the most dangerous aspects of the youth drug maltreatment problem, as drunk driving a vehicle and recklessness takes hundreds of teen lives every year. Nearly 30% of high school seniors reported to the MTF surveyors the act of getting drunk in the earlier month. Binge drinking is of special concern, as it poses evident hazards to health and wellness.


Teenage abuse of ecstasy (MDMA) in the past year has recently been seen on the lower, dropping from 5. 3% of high school golden-agers admitting past-year use in 2011 to three. 8% in 2012. Ecstasy remains on the youth adnger zone as a dangerous compound, still sitting within the top 20 set of most popular drugs.

Prescription Medications

The 2012 MTF review indicates that practically 15% of high school elderly people admit prescription drug use non-medically (without doctor guidance or guidance) in the past year. The most noteworthy prescriptions between teenagers seem to be to be Adderall xr (stimulant ADHD medication) and Vicodin (opioid painkiller), but other prescriptions to be watchful of include Ritalin, Oxycontin and Xanax.